Current Programmes

Three inter-linked programmes skill, inspire and empower learners to understand and pursue science and technology studies and careers. To date, CodeMakers has worked with more than 800 learners. 

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Our programmes

  • Skill: through hands-on coding classes Experimentation, trouble shooting, and the design process are fundamental in our work.

  • Inspire: through video interviews of early career professionals. Career fairs can't reach all learners, so we are bringing the fair to them through video interviews of inspiring young South African professionals working in STEAM and other scarce-skill careers.

    • View our YouTube videos in English and isiZulu.

    • Do you know a young inspiring professional whose story needs to be told. Contact us.

    • Want to share these videos offline with your learners or via your NPO, let us know.

  • Empower: through offline internet education resources Khan Academy, Wikipedia, podcasts and much more. We are distributing these libraries of knowledge to schools and teachers to improve learner understanding, teach research methods, and see alternate ways of teaching.


We are expanding our Scratch coding programme to more schools in the Umlazi School District.  They would like us to work in many more schools than we are currently able to.  

We have a number of other ideas to help learners, schools and teachers.  Contact us if you want to volunteer, donate or help in any way.

Past Programmes

Our organisation started in 2015 with a pilot of linked courses - coding, cardboard engineering, and robotics.  

Learners loved it but focusing on coding gives more learners opportunities and is easier to expand to additional schools.