Code Kumnandi - Localising Coding Education Tools to South African Languages and Imagery

isiZulu Translation of Scratch 3.0 - We did it!
With help from volunteers and learners, Scratch 3.0 launched with isiZulu as one of the 48 languages. Scratch is free coding education software used by tens of millions. We hope with this translation even more South Africans can learn coding skills while they share their stories and create animations and games

Read and share our press release about the isiZulu translation to get the word out!

Follow the directions below to learn how to use Scratch in isiZulu or watch on YouTube

  1. Go to to use online or download for offline use

  2. Press CREATE

  3. Click on the world icon in the top left

  4. Choose isiZulu

  5. Code! There are also many tutorial videos also translated into isiZulu (scroll to the bottom of the cc for isiZulu)

Translation is tough, if you find errors or have suggestions for a better way to say something, let us know and we will fix it!

The next isiZulu project

Want to help with other projects, or even this website, and help young people use isiZulu to learn computer coding? Contact us!

Other Translations

Local Images

Help us develop a set of images that kids can use to make projects that are true to their world. When they want to make a project with a city, they should be able to use pictures of Joburg, East London, Durban, etc. When they want to make a sports game they should be able to use a picture of a netball court or Moses Mabhida.

We’ve done some of this but need more help. Please contact if interested!